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The One Handed Quickdraw Knife Sheath

Buck 110 Quick Draw Sheath--A Quick Release Knife Holster




Frequently Asked Questions

What type of knife will work with my Quick Draw Sheath?

ONLY knives that are similar in size and shape to the Buck 110, Colonial Hunter, Schrade Uncle Henry LB7,  and Schrade 70T will work with our sheath.  Modified or Custom Buck 110 Knives will NOT work properly with our Quick Draw Sheaths.

What side of the body is the sheath worn on?

If you are right handed, the sheath should be worn on your left side.

If you are left handed, the sheath should be worn on your right side.

So, does the sheath work for either a right, or left handed person?

No.  You must specify when you order whether you want a left handed or right handed sheath.  They only work on one side.  See pictures above.

What can I use to clean my sheath?

Saddle Soap works fine.

Do I have to remove my belt in order to put on my Quick Draw?

No, our sheath has a unique Easy-On, Easy-Off snap system.  You can put it on or off without removing your belt.

Will using the Quick Draw make my knife blade dull?

No--the blade will only come in contact with a nylon spacer--the same material that many cutting boards are made of.

Will the spacer wear out?

Probably not--we have never heard of that happening to one of our sheaths, and it will probably last forever.  If, for some reason, one wears out, it can easily be replaced.

Will my knife fall out of the sheath?

No, not if you use the correct size and type of knife.

I just got my new Quick Draw, and my knife fits tight in it.  Is this normal?

Yes, this is normal.  As you use your sheath, the leather will soften and form to your knife.

Do you sell any other types of knife sheaths besides Quick Draws?

Yes--if you need a new leather replacement sheath for your Buck 110 or Schrade 70T, scroll down to the bottom of our “Product” Page to order.  We also have select nylon replacement sheaths available if you contact us.  Also, at the bottom of our “Product” Page, you will see our Heavy Duty Biker Chains for Wallet and Keys (as shown above).

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