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Buck 110 Quick Draw Sheath

The One Handed Quickdraw Knife Sheath

Quick Release Knife Holster for Lock Backs

How It Works



When strapped on your belt,  our Quick Draw Sheath will allow you to draw out and open your knife with only one hand.  Since the Quick Draw is worn on your belt, it won’t get in your way like a traditional knife sheath that hangs vertically.   After loading your Buck 110 (or similar knife) into the sheath in the ready position, grasp the bolster with the thumb & forefinger of your right hand.  When drawn out with a smooth, quick, motion, your knife will be opened, locked & ready to use.

Shown above with our unique Snap system for Easy-On, Easy-Off.

Shown below is a LEFT HANDED Quick Draw Knife Sheath

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